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CM3 Consulting offers highly tailored solutions and services that help our clients solve problems and meet goals in the areas of Software Engineering, Website Development, and Data Analytics. We are a highly trained, agile team of experts who work in very close engagement with our clients, delivering high-quality results that are closely tied to our clients’ business goals. Many of our projects begin with an initial audit or needs assessment phase, which helps us to create project plans with an appropriate scope and budget. We establish and execute these project plans with careful attention to critical factors to avoid misdirection and delays, resulting in on-time and on-budget delivery.


  • Dynamic, Real-time Optimization
  • Market Research & Segmentation
  • Lifetime Value Models
  • Customer Retention
  • Statistical Analyses
  • Statistical Analysis Training

Software Engineering

  • Project and Technical Leadership
  • Agile Processes
  • Interim CTO
  • Software Engineering Training
  • Desktop Applications
  • Skills Audit

Website Development

  • Design, Development and Project Management
  • Content Management Systems
  • Cloud-based Development
  • Database Optimization
  • Intranet Applications

Work Our selected projects

  • Proactive Assessment of Student Success

    Improving Student Retention and Completion Rates

    Designed, developed and implemented a study of the factors helping and hindering student success at Broward College. Using the college’s SAS Business Intelligence suite wrote programs to code and process 10 years of student classroom performance (~60,000 students per year). Produced a report summarizing the factors that are most important to a student’s eventual success and delivered software for proactive, early monitoring of student momentum so that the college can intervene more rapidly and monitor the intervention to determine which interventions have the greatest impact on the students.

    Proactive Assessment of Student Success
  • Algorithmic Content Optimization

    Automated optimization of online content in realtime

    Using machine learning techniques around multi-armed bandit problems we improved our client's online content. We constructed algorithms to optimize content for click-through, conversion, and maximization of dollar value.

    Dynamic Content Optimization
  • FourthWall Media

    Website and content management system

    November, 2009 - FourthWall Media, formerly known as Biap Inc., has unveiled its new website ( to coincide with the announcement of their new brand identity. FourthWall Media, the leading provider of interactive television and advanced advertising solutions, worked closely on this branding effort with Hanft Raboy Partners, a division of Hanft Unlimited, and their technical partners at CM3 Consulting for the website development effort.
    The FourthWall Media website features a fresh design, as well as many social, interactive, and dynamic components implemented by the CM3 Consulting development team. "We are proud to have been a part of FourthWall Media's exciting rebranding announcement through this website," said Christopher Stratis, CM3 Consulting's Chief Executive Officer. "The combined strengths of the marketing and design teams at Hanft Raboy Partners and the technical team at CM3 Consulting has once again proven to be a very effective combination, delivering a great new website for FourthWall Media."
    Speaking about CM3 Consulting's contributions to the launch, Allan Cohen, Executive Account Director at Hanft Raboy & Partners, said, "It was amazing to see how seamlessly and quickly CM3 brought life to our site design. They added value and insight throughout the process – all with good humor and within budget. Real professionals."
    FourthWall’s EBIF solutions are featured throughout the website, where visitors can experience the new world of Advanced Advertising and Programming. Visitors can learn about the CableLabs EBIF standard and FourthWall Media's pioneering EBIF Platform and User agent which will ensure that the world of interactive television will be broadly deployed across a variety of operating systems and cable providers. FourthWall provides all of the critical elements necessary for iTV and all of them are on display on their new site.

    Website and content management system
  • iSchoolBox

    Web Application and Mobile App

    CM3 designed, developed, and implemented iSchoolbox, consisting of a web-based application and iOS mobile application, for 806 Technologies. The web application enables school administrators to quickly and easily create mobile apps for their district or each individual campus. With an attractive, engaging user interface the school administrators can setup a customized app for their schools without any programming. Content entered by the school administrators can be published rapidly, streamlining the process of disseminating information to the parents, students, and other users of the mobile app. The mobile app is available through Apple’s iPhone App Store and once installed allows the users to search for their district and school, and even mark their desired schools as a “favorite” for quick access in the future. Each school’s content is presented exactly as it was customized by the school administrators using the web interface. The service is offered for free to school districts, with both a paid and free version of the mobile app available.

    Web Application and Mobile App
  • Enterprise Wealth Management Application

    Web Application

    CM3 was brought in to improve performance and scalability of an enterprise wealth management application. The production ASP.NET financial web application required multiple orders of magnitude performance increase to support increased users and load. CM3 incrementally refactored and replaced distinct portions of the application, deploying into production at regular intervals. We achieved the desired performance gains through a variety of advanced processing and data access techniques.

    Enterprise Web Application
  • Kiwibox

    Teen Social Network, Interim CTO, Website Development

    CM3 led PHP-based development for teen social networking website with numerous modular applications. Amongst our roles in the project Christian served as acting Chief Technology Officer and Senior Architect creating a roadmap for migrating the entire site from PHP to .NET

    Kiwibox - Teen Social Network
  • Inmedius

    Software Audit

    Performed an audit of third-party C# code to determine the feasibility and work required to integrate this code with the client’s product offerings
    Delivered a detailed report and documentation providing an analysis of the quality of the code and the practicality of utilizing it within the context of their organizational strengths.

    Inmedius Software Audit
  • schoolnet

    SharePoint Portal Design

    Created Information Architecture for a SharePoint learning collaboration portal

    Sharepoint Portal Information Architecture
  • qualityhealth

    Website Development

    Re-engineered entire front-end layout and CSS implementation for
    Built community oriented functionality including Blogs and Forums with WYSIWYG capability, as well as CMS to manage site updates
    Utilized extensive QA/test facilities and continuous integration.

    QualityHealth website re-engineering
  • TipFrom.Me

    Website Development

    Developed Public-facing informational website to support secured .NET Web Application.
    Designed and Developed front and back-end for the .NET Web Application, providing novel and engaging methods for customers to refer sales for products they purchase.

    TipFrom.Me website architecture and development

    Website Development

    Designed and developed custom website using .NET to showcase and sell custom pottery for Blue Spruce Pottery.
    Implemented a custom e-commerce cart to support their specific needs.
    Delivered custom CMS to facilitate content and product updates across the site.

    Blue Spruce Pottery website architecture and development

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We deliver elegant solutions in the areas of Software Engineering, Website Development, and Data Analytics.


CM3 Consulting draws upon its consultants' broad skills and experience to deliver solutions that directly match their clients' needs. As experts in customized business technology solutions, CM3 Consulting excels at developing native and web-based software solutions that deliver outstanding results for clients across a broad range of industries.

We have recently joined Fino, a boutique IT consulting firm that provides application design, development and consulting services to Fortune 1000 organizations. Read about our transition here and learn more about Fino here.

Leadership Team:

Christopher leads the firm’s marketing and business development initiatives while also specializing in project managemet and web development. His interest in strategy and analysis combines with a passion for the creative application of business technology to offer clients a sound, forward-thinking approach. Christopher draws from his rigorous academic preparation in Carnegie Mellon’s Information & Decision Systems and MBA programs and applies that knowledge to real-world project management. CM3 Consulting was born while Christopher was earning his MBA, and he balanced a new company, his academic coursework, and led various academic and extracurricular endeavors. Prior to creating CM3 Consulting, Christopher worked in the consulting field at business strategy and technology consulting firms in Boston and New Jersey. His primary work involved creating Web sites and implementing Web-based technologies. When Christopher isn’t implementing business strategies for various clients, he participates in an assortment of outside interests, primarily with his family and church. He enjoys opportunities that allow him to use his skills and experience to help and mentor others, which he does by serving as a volunteer karate coach for athletes at local, national, and international levels. He is a five-time USA Karate team member, a drummer, and a former track and field coach. Christopher sets his expectations high and thrives on new challenges.

Christopher Stratis
View Christian Jungers' LinkedIn profileChristian Jungers - Chief Technology Officer

Christian is the firm's chief technology officer and one of the business' three founders. His diverse skills, education, and experience have allowed him to effectively execute for his clients. Christian earned undergraduate degrees from Carnegie Mellon University in Computer Science, Cognitive Science and Philosophy as well as a graduate degree in Software Engineering. During the last 15 years, Christian has applied his knowledge to serve clients across several industries including retail, government contracting, telecommunications, marketing, service, and networking industries. His breadth of experience has provided him a variety of projects and environments, which further enhances Christian's abilities to tackle any project and find efficient solutions.

Christian Jungers
View Scott Ziolko's LinkedIn profileScott Ziolko - Chief Data Officer

With extensive formal training in computational and graphical statistics from Carnegie Mellon University Scott provides leadership in the firm’s focus on analytics and custom application development. Manages development teams and projects for clients across many industries. Specializes in complex quantitative analyses and development for web-based applications. Roles on client projects have included all levels of management and technical development. Regularly augments internal teams to provide leadership in developing rigorous quantitative solutions. Research has spanned areas of business intelligence, neuroscience and consumer market research providing both depth and breadth of technical knowledge to successfully and efficiently solve complex business problems.

Scott Ziolko

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We deliver elegant solutions in the areas of Software Engineering, Website Development, and Data Analytics.

Since 2003, CM3 has grown and matured into a team recognized for delivering value through our development and analytics services. Today, we are very excited to announce that we have taken the next step in CM3’s growth. CM3 is joining with Fino, our longtime partner and friend.

CM3 Joins Fino APR 01, 2013

March 3rd has always been a significant date for CM3 Consulting, and on 3/3/2013 we're proud to celebrate our 10th anniversary! As we think back on this decade, it seems like a good time to share some of our back-story. Here’s a brief description of how CM3 came to be, and why we chose our name.

CM3 Consulting's 10th Anniversary: Reflecting On Our Origin Story MAR 03, 2013

The goal of introducing data analytics into your organization is to regard them as key components of the decision making process. But as your analytics solution takes on the role of a trusted advisor, it can't be immune to intentional and continual observation.

Data Analytics As Your Trusted Advisor: Trust, But Verify JAN 24, 2013

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