CM3 Consulting's 10th Anniversary: Reflecting On Our Origin Story


March 3rd has always been a significant date for CM3 Consulting, and on March 3, 2013 we are proud to announce and celebrate our 10th anniversary! As we think back on a decade of growth and serving a wide range of clients, it seems like a good time to share some of our back-story. Here’s a brief description of how CM3 Consulting came to be, and why we chose our name. 

CM3 Consulting is a boutique consulting firm offering services in Software Engineering, Website Development, and Data Analytics. CM3 was founded on 3/3/2003 by Christian Jungers, Scott Ziolko, and Christopher Stratis. The three became friends while earning their degrees across a broad range of subjects at Carnegie Mellon University. Between the three of them, they have earned degrees (all from Carnegie Mellon) in Information & Decision Systems, Computer Science, Cognitive Science, Philosophy and Statistics as well as Masters Degrees in Software Engineering and Business Administration. Much of their time spent together at CMU was actually outside of classes in leadership positions on the Fringe Racing Buggy Team – a group that they helped establish as perennial favorites in a high-tech racing tradition that is unique to Carnegie Mellon (Carnegie Mellon Sweepstakes). 

Since the new firm was built on the friendships, skills, and experiences gained together at CMU, the three partners decided to recognize their alma mater in the name of their boutique consultancy. The name CM3 Consulting was chosen to pay homage to the role played by Carnegie Mellon in equipping the three of them to venture out together. Carnegie Mellon University’s long tradition of innovation and the school’s motto, “My heart is in the work” are two more aspects of CMU’s legacy that are continued in the work of CM3 Consulting. 

As we mark this significant 10th Anniversary milestone, we want to offer our sincere thanks to the clients with whom we have worked closely over those years. We also thank our colleagues, friends, and most importantly our families for their support over this exciting decade. We are proud of what we’ve achieved in this decade and we look forward to what the future will bring!


CM3 Consulting's 10th Anniversary: Reflecting On Our Origin StoryMAR. 03, 2013